candy & the kisses/ the 81 64

manfred mann/ my name is jack 68

don mclean/ american pie
 from "american pie" 71

simon & garfunkel/ mrs. robinson
 from "bookend" 68

neil sedaka/ love will keep us together
 from "tra-la days are over" 73

jose feliciano/ destiny
 from "fireworks" 70

joan osborne/ what becomes of the broken hearted
 from "standing in the shadow of motown soundtrack" 02

blondie/ maria
 from "no exit" 99

culture club/ do you really want to hurt me
 from "kissing to be clever" 82

rolling stones/ sway
 from "sticky fingers" 71

the city/ snow queen
 from "now that everything's been said" 68

kate & anna mcgarrigle/ love over and over
 from "love over and over" 82

60s Pop からビート重視の80s までを俯瞰した、個人的には完璧な楽曲_流す手はない。しかし時代が変わったとはいえ、米チャートは82位どまり_アメリカのマジョリティは自国の音楽を知らなさすぎ? 対し英1位はさすが。
これも英の頑張り。70年代に入って本国ではすっかりオールディース・サーキットへ組み込まれてしまったセダカは英国のリスペクトで復活。この曲は10CCがプロデュースし演奏もすべて行っている。このベース音! グレアム・グールドマンのリッケンバッカー以外の何に聞こえようか。

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billy paul/ let'em in 77

AKB48/恋するフォーチュンクッキー 13

the pale fountains/ something on my mind _operating twilight single 82

leblanc and carr/ midnight light
 from "midnight light" 77

ricci martin/ stop look around
 from "beached" 77

jack tempchin/ peaceful easy feeling
 from "jack tempchin" 78

rolling stones/ hand of fate
 from "black & blue" 76

linda ronstadt/ i won't be hangin' around
 from "linda ronstadt" 71

james taylor/ angry blues
 from "gorilla" 75

todd rundgren/ can we still be friends?
 from "harmit of mink hollow" 78

war/ why can't we be friends?
 from "why can't we be friends?" 75

paul simon/ slip slidin' away
 from "greatest hits, etc." 77

マッスルがらみで4曲。まずは、マッスル録音だったリンダの…たった1曲のみのマッスル物。ドラムが実にホーキンスしている。ギターはカーでなくヒントンでなくティッピー。コーラスにメリー・クレイトンとダイアン・デヴィッドソン。ロスでのダビングだろうが、ダイアン…何枚かソロ作もあるシンガーだがコーラス参加もいろいろしていたんだな。ルブラン&カーはもちろんマッスルで、そのカーがプロデュースしたマッスル (fame studio) 録音だったジャック・テンプチン盤_この曲はイーグルスが採り上げた曲。ストーンズ曲のギターはマッスルギタリストのひとり、ウェイン・パーキンス

JT曲は『ゴリラ』から。ヴァレリ・カーターとローウェル・ジョージ参加。ヴァレリは当時ローウェルの girlfriend だったんだろうなあ。それにしても andy newmark - willie weeks の巧いこと上手いこと。この盤はこのリズム隊とリースク/カンケル組が交互だが、70年代のトップ・リズムセクション。どちらも上手すぎる。そして音の良さにもあらためて惚れ惚れした。サイモン曲でのスティーヴ・ギャド steve gadd もさすがに上手い、セッションワーク黄金時代70年代。

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paul kossoff/ molten gold
 from "back street crawler" 73

free/ get where i belong
 from "free live" 71

troy tate/ love is.... (dance mix) 83

アーリー・タイムス・ストリングス・バンド/かわいいあの娘 73

the stranglers/ golden brown
 from "la folie" 81

the pretenders/ kid
 from "the pretenders" 80

durutti column/ sketch for summer
 from "the return of durutti column" 79

the lotus eaters/ the first picture of you 12" version 83

 from "sadistic mika band" 73

blind melon/ no rain
 from "blind melon" 92

・the defonics/ la la means i love you 68

jackson 5/ never can say goodbye
 from "maybe tomorrow" 71

メロディアスといえばジャクソン5も負けてないか。リアルタイムに聴いた時、曲自体も素晴らしいが特に惹かれたのはギター。リード・パートなどはない。オブリガートなんて言葉も知らなかった_しかし寄り添うようなこのギターがどれほど貢献しているか。それが david T. walker と知ったのは77〜8年だったか、『ライト・ミュージック』という音楽誌の特集で。

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soul survivors/ expressway to your heart 67

ピロカルピン/ワンダーワールド 15

クラムボン/サラウンド 01

swingin' medallions/ double shot of my baby's love 66

鈴木雅之/misty mauve (remix)
 from "martini" 91

steve miller/ zip-a-dee-doo-dah
 from "born 2b blue" 88

three dog night/ mama told me
 from "it ain't easy" 70

iggy pop/ sixteen
 from "lust for life" 77

eric justin kaz/ tonight, the sky's about to cry
 from "if you're lonely" 72

who/ who are you?
 from "who are you" 78

cars/ shake it up
 from "shake it up" 81

 from "バイバイグッドバイサラバイ" 73

keith moon はホントいいキャラだった…/キースのいないフーなんて…。
キースWHO のラストアルバム。グリン・ジョンズとともにプロデューサーだったのはジョン・アストリィ。当時はピート・タウンゼントの義兄で、妹のヴァージニア・アストリィもノンクレジットで参加…だったと思う。このビデオではピートがピアノを弾いているが実際はゾンビーズの大将だったロッド・アージェント。それと贔屓のアンディ・フェアウェザー・ロウもコーラス参加していた好盤。

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omc/ on the run 96

kossoff kirke tetsu rabbit/ hold on
 from "kossoff kirke tetsu rabbit" 72

paul kossoff/ you and me
 from "koss" 77

donovan/ summer day reflection song
 from "fairytale" 65

tom waits/ rosie
 from "closing time" 73

b. j. thomas/rock'n'roll lullaby 72

graham nash/ wounded bird
 from "songs for beginners" 71

 from "songs" 75

rod stewart/ somebody special
 from "foolish behaviour" 80

beach boys/ match point of our love
 from "m. i. u. album" 78

tlc/ waterfalls
 from "crazysexycool" 94

chicago/ does anybody really know what time it is?
 from "chicago transit authority" 69


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blogDJ/愛に狂って - #014

jerry reed/ amos moses 70

george harrison/ what is life
 from "all things must pass" 70

jefferson starship/ miracles
 from "red octpus" 75

elvin bishop/ fooled around and fell in love
 from "struttin' my stuff" 75

10cc/ the film of my love
 from "the original soundtrack" 75

dave dee dozy beaky mick & tich/ zabadak 67

lloyd cole and the commortions/ mainstream
 from "mainstream" 87

edwyn collins/ a girl like you
 from "gorgeous george" 94

bee gees/ how can you mend a broken heart
 from "trafalgar" 71

bill withers/ ain't no sunshine
 from "just as i am" 71

fun boy three/ the lunatics have taken over the asylum
 from "fun boy three" 82

- 村松邦男/ジェラシー
 from "green water" 83


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blogDJ [ この曲を聴け! ] - #013

america/ ventura highway
 from "homecoming" 72

king harvest/ dancing in the moonlight 72

gordon lightfoot/ if you could read my mind
 from "sit down young stranger" 70

beatles/ the ballad of john and yoko 69

syndicate of sound/ little girl 66

echo & the bunnymen/ killing moon _all night version 84

alive and kicking/ tighter, tighter 70

hanson (UK)/ rain
 from "now hear this" 73

hanson (US)/ little saint nick
 from "snowed in" 97

geoff & maria/ havana moon
 from "sweet potatoes" 72

arlo guthrie/ in my darkest hour
 from "amigo" 76

walter egan/ magnet and steel
 from "not shy" 78


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Blog DeeJaye - #012

louis philippe/ guess i'm dumb
 from "ivory tower" 88

はっぴいえんど/はいからはくち _single version 71

free/ all right now_ japan single version 70

- 遠藤賢司/ムーンライト(月色の夜)
 from "hard folk kenji" 75

hot tuna/ water song
 from "burgers" 72

lovin' spoonful/ didn't want to have to do it
 from "daydream" 66

lovin' spoonful/ you didn't have to be so nice 65

スクーターズ/東京ディスコナイト _album version
 from "娘ごころはスクーターズ" 82

jefferson starship/ runaway
 from "earth" 78

Ex/platinum night
 from "eX"  (梅林+羽山/加藤和彦produce) 80

derek & dominos/ why does got to be so sad?
 from "layla & other assorted love songs" 70

tommy roe/ everybody 63


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Blog DeeJaye - #011

neil young/ only love can break your heart
 from "after the gold rush" 70

 from "sadistic mika band" 73

delegation/ oh honey
 from "the promise of love" 78

the association/ snow queen
 from "waterbeds in trinidad! " 72

doobie brothers/ black water
 from "what were once vices are now habits" 74

roger mcguinn/ ballad of easy rider
 from "easy rider soundtrack" 69

seals and crofts/ diamond girl
 from "diamond girl" 73

- ハルヲフォン/秘密のハイウェイ
 from "come on, let's go" 76

- 桐島かれん/媚薬
 from "ディスコ桐島" 91

chet atkins, c.g.p./ sunrise
 from "stay tuned" 85

freddy cannon/ way down yonder in new orleans 60

kenny vance/ dirty work
 from "vance 32" 75


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Blog DeeJaye - #010

nilsson/ i guess the lord must be in NY city
 from "harry" 69

- 山本コータロー&少年探偵団/君の靴に口づけを_unreleased

nils lofgren/ valentine
 from "silver lining" 91

joel zoss/ too much fighting on the river
 from "joel zoss" 75

- 四人囃子/N.Y.C.R.R.M.
 from "printed jelly" 77

10cc/ i'm mandy fly me
 from "how dare you" 76

laura nyro/ up on the roof
 from "christmas & beads of sweat" 70

- right as rain/ a girl like jesus
 from "stop! look & listen" 91

t. rex/ ride a white swan 70

roy harper/ referendum
 from "hq" 75

bob dylan/ dignity
 from "greatest hit vol.3" 94

gram parsons/ she
 from "gp" 73

right as rain.jpg

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Blog DeeJaye - #009

 from "lily live" 74

 from "moonriders" 77

beach boys/ match point of our love
 from "m. i. u. album" 78

wanda jackson/ funnel of love 61

keith richards/ make no mistake
 from "talk is cheap" 88

todd rundgren/ dust in the wind
 from "something/anything?" 72

steely dan/ pearl of the quarter
 from "countdown to ecstasy" 73

stevie wonder/ superwoman (where were you when i needed you)
 from "music of my mind" 72

martha & the vandellas/ i'm ready for love 66

chris isaak/ blue hotel
 from "chris isaak" 87

 from "トーチカ" 77

the jam/ town called malice
 from "the gift" 82


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Blog DeeJaye - #008

sade/ your love is king
 from "diamond life" 84

barry white/ never, never gonna give you up
 from "stone gon' " 73

- tradewinds/ it's not the spotlight 74

glen campbell/ wichita lineman 68

 from "lost or found?" 73

浅野 butcher 祥之/ leaving home _tribute live version 00

electric light orchestra/ rock'n'roll is king
 from "secret messages" 83

nick heyward/ on a sunday 83

chris spedding/ get outa my pagoda
 from "hurt" 77

ビーバーズ/君なき世界 67

 from "紀元弐千年" 68

supremes/ bad weather 73


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Blog DeeJaye - #007

kate & anna mcgarrigle/ go leave
 from "kate & anna mcgarrigle" 75

stevie wonder/ i love every little thing about you
 from "music of my mind" 72

four tops/ still water (love & peace)
 from "still waters run deep" 70

dee dee sharp/ i really love you 65

gregg allman/ queen of hearts
 from "laid back" 73

 from "誰もぼくの絵を描けないだろう" 75

the band/ when i paint my masterpiece
 from "cahoots" 71

 from "負ける時もあるだろう" 78

brian auger's oblivion express/ happiness heartaches
 from "happiness heartaches" 77

(UK) hanson/ rain
 from "now hear this" 73

youngbloods/ darkness darkness
 from "elephant mountain" 69

alan parsons project/ don't answer me
 from "ammonia avenue" 84


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Blog DeeJaye - #006

・the undisputed truth/ smiling faces sometimes 71

・donovan/ lalena 68

 from "baby a go go" 90

 from "火の玉ボーイ" 76

 from "噫無情" 74

・lou reed/ caroline says II
 from "berlin" 73

・al wilson/ show and tell 73

・beach boys/ male ego
 from single_ "getcha back" b-side 85

・スパイダース/真珠の涙 68

・上田正樹とサウス・トゥ・サウス/大活劇 _unreleased song

・ohio players/ sweet sticky thing
 from "honey" 75

・dave mason/ walk to the point _live version
 from "dave mason is alive" 73


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Blog DeeJaye - #005

・brian wilson/ this song wants to sleep with you tonight 95

・neil young/ running dry (requiem for the rockets)
 from "everybody knows this is nowhere" 69

・cowboy/ livin' in the country
 from "reach for the sky" 70

・ace/ how long
 from "five-a-side" 74

・井上陽水/桜三月散歩道_「まんがNo.1」version 72

・gary hoey/ motown fever
 from "animal instinct" 93

・rolling stones/ time waits for no one
 from "it's only rocknroll" 74

・persuaders/ thin line between love & hate 71


・style council/ call me
 from 7inch_"come to milton keynes" 85

・style council/ speak like a child
 from "introducing the style council" 83

・traffic/ low spark of high heeled boys
 from "low spark of high heeled boys" 71


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Blog DeeJaye - #004

・cornershop/ brimful of asha
 from "when i was born for the 7th time" 97

・リアル・ポップ・オーガナイザース/surf's down
 from "R. P. O" 89

・大沢誉志幸/そして僕は途方に暮れる 84  

・tommy james & the shondells/ crystal blue persuation 69

・james taylor/ don't let me be lonely tonight
 from "one man dog" 73

・golden animals/ the steady roller
 from "free your mind and win a pony" 08

・松原みき/真夜中のドア 79  

・fatboy slim/ the rockafeller skank 98

・ダイナマイツ/恋はもうたくさん 67

・the doors/ L. A. woman
 from "L. A. woman" 71

・jerry garcia/ deal
 from "garcia" 71

・grand funk railroad/ just couldn't wait
 from "good singin' good playin' " 76


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Blog DJ "Denny's Choice #003"

・grace slick/ come again? toucan
 from "manhole" 74

・elvin bishop/ southern dreams
 from "hog heaven" 78

・neil young/ will to love
 from "american stars'n bars" 77

・豊島たづみ/とまどいトワイライト 79

・the vogues/ magic town 66

・blind faith/ can't find my way home
 from "blind faith" 69

 from "ダルシマ" 73  

・captain beefheart & his magic band/ i'm glad
 from "safe as milk" 67

・love tambourines/ cherish our love 93 

・santana featuring michelle branch/ the game of love
 from "shaman" 02

・崎谷健次郎/もう一度夜を止めて 87 

・dickey betts & great southern/ bougainvillea
 from "dickey betts & great southern" 77

check sounds on facebookin' →

captain beefheart_safe.jpg

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Blog DJ "Denny's Choice #002"

・the chantels/ maybe 58

・maurice williams & the zodiacs/ stay 60

・darlene love/ christmas (baby please come home)
 from "phil spector's christmas album" 64

・iggy pop/ the passenger
 from "lust for life" 77

・don mclean/ empty chairs
 from "american pie" 71

・leon russell/ if i were a carpenter
 from "stop all that jazz" 74

・dave dee, dozy, beaky, mick & tich/ if i were a carpenter
 from "if no-one sang" 68

・yuming/ ランチタイムが終わる頃
 from "pearl pierce" 82

・elton john/ friends
 from "friends/soundtrack" 71

・joe jackson/ steppin' out
 from "night and day" 82

・アンジー/天井裏から愛を込めて 88 

・gerry rafferty/ the ark
 from "city to city" 78

leon russell_STOP.jpg

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Blog DJ_Denny's Choice #001

・eric clapton/better make it through today 
 from "there's one in every crowd" 75

・the isley brothers/the highways of my life
 from "3+3" 73

・the youngbloods/light shine
 from "good and dusty" 71

・neil young/the last trip to Tulsa
 from "neil young" 69

・moby grape/it's a beautiful day, today
 from "moby grape '69"

 from "ディキシーフィーバー"

 from "カモン・レッツ・ゴー" 76

・nino & april/put it where you want it

・moody blues/the story in your eyes
 from "every good boy deserves favour" 71

・rod stewart/this old heart of mine
 from "atlantic crossing" 75

・jefferson starship/st. charles
 from "spitfire" 76

・ry cooder/how can a poor man stand such times & live?
 from "ry cooder" 70


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